Many businesses acknowledge their signage to be the most essential and most value-oriented marketing medium? It represents your business 24 hours a day, every day of the year, apprising the world of what you do and who you are. Having clean windows but dirty signage does not make discernment. It leaves a negative impression on the visitors and will likely send your buyers away. Overlooking to maintain and clean your signage can also result in tremendous damage, like corrosion, which can be expensive to restore.
At Glimmer, we know the significance of your signage to your business and are dedicated to assuring that you make the best first impression. We are specialists in cleaning signage services, and you can rely on us to clean your signage to the highest standards. We always do our best to restore its original look and recreate the impact when it was new.


Service Details

  • *Inspection of the site 
  • *Gather the requirement like the type height and width.
  • *Submit evaluation & estimate.
  • *Perform service as agreed.


Booking terms

  • *Arrangements should be available before to Cleaner arrived, like water

Price Details

Price based on inspection (VAT exclusive)

Payments & Cancellation Terms:

  • *Payment Method cash/card.
  • *The customer can cancel the booking before 3hrs.


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