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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What should be considered before hiring your home cleaning company?

In preparation for a general cleaning service, you can do the following.
1. Check the validity of the trade license of the cleaning company
2. Cleaning service should be clearly mentioned on the trade license
3. Check if the staff assigned to the job is on a company visa
4. Check if there is municipality approval for cleaning chemicals and agents
5. Check for third-party liability insurance

Q. What types of cleaning companies are there in Dubai and the UAE?

There are a number of cleaning companies in Dubai and the UAE. Most of them provide basic cleaning services, however, there are many who also provide more advanced or specialized services like deep cleaning, window cleaning, facade cleaning, floor cleaning, mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, and sofa upholstery cleaning.

Q. Are the chemicals and cleaning materials used safely?

Yes, all our service partners use chemicals and cleaning agents that are environment-friendly and approved by the municipality. Most of these are over the counter products and are safe to use near adults, children, and pets. Book Glimmer

Q. Is it advisable to be at home during cleaning services?

Yes. Generally, it is okay to be at home during the time, but if someone is allergic to dust then it is advisable for them to remain away from the site for 2-4 hours after completion of the service.

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